Thesis Competition


Congratulations to winners - presented at EDAMBA Annual Meeting on September 4, 2023. 


1st Prize
Dr Martina Pocchiari (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Paper: “Managing Successful and Resilient Shared-interest Communities: The Role of Digitization Technologies and Disruptive Events”

2nd Prize
Dr Tatevik Harutyunyan (NNH Norwegian School of Economics)
Paper: “Alignment Between Firms and Board Directors: Implications For New Ventures” 
3rd Prize
Dr Ana Maria Gomez-Trujillo (EAFIT University)
Paper: “The Interrelationship Between Internationalization and Sustainability: Analysis of an Emerging Market Multinational”

Thank you
Our thanks to the Committee and Team of Reviewers for their time and expertise in the important review process. 
Selection process
There was a 2 stage Review Process:
  • First round of reviews with all submitted papers are checked to verify that all papers comply with the guidelines.
    • a blind review process.
    • 2 reviewers are assigned to each paper
  • Second round: the selection process
    • Compilation of all reviews with the scores
    • Selection Committee is composed of the EDAMBA general secretary & responsible for the Thesis Competition and two other members of the EDAMBA Executive Committee. They are responsible for the selection.
    • 10 best papers are shortlisted for the final selections process.
    • Jury team selects 3 winners among the 10 shortlisted papers.
  • 3 Winners posted on the EDAMBA Website and published in the Online EDAMBA Thesis Competition Journal.
  • 3 Winners presented their research at the EDAMBA Annual Meeting on Tuesday September 5, 2023
The EDAMBA  Thesis Competition is designed to test Doctoral Students' ability to provide an overview of their Management Thesis in 5000 words (MT5000) to a community that comprises scholars management coming from different disciplines who use a variety of methods.

EDAMBA focuses on research in business and management and the following criteria:

• What is the contribution of the work to their field? Does the work contribute to understand and address important social challenges? Does the work contribute to understand and address important management challenges?
• Is the methodology sound?
• Are they able to present your work clearly, rigorously and concisely to a diverse management research audience?
The Thesis Competition was first launched in 2003. It aims at distinguishing high-quality doctoral dissertations which have significantly contributed to new knowledge in all areas of business studies and management. The top-3 peer reviewed abstracts are given prizes and the short-list of selected abstracts is published in this EDAMBA journal. With this publication, we hope to contribute to the dissemination of distinguished doctoral dissertations from throughout our network in Europe and worldwide.
Contact the EDAMBA Executive Secretary for information about future Thesis Competitions.

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2. The Summer Research Academy
3. The EDAMBA-EIASM Consortium of Doctoral Supervision

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