Application Procedure

Membership criteria and application process


1. What are the eligibility criteria for membership?

According to the EDAMBA´s statutes, universities or business schools awarding one (or more) doctoral degree(s) in the fields of Management and Business Administration can apply for EDAMBA membership. The degree(s) should be awarded on the basis of independent research in the form of a thesis or dissertation. The doctoral programme(s) should prepare for a career in teaching and/or research in Management and Business Administration. Graduates may also seek or/and progress with careers in commerce and industry, public administration and/or government service.

2. Criteria for admitting a doctoral programme into EDAMBA:

  • There should be at least twenty faculty members who can chair a doctoral dissertation.
  • These professors must be resident, available to doctoral students all year long.
  • There should be at least twenty doctoral students participating in the doctoral programme. Doctoral students must have obtained credits after full-time or part-time study in year-long courses and seminars, especially designed to prepare for doctoral studies and the writing up of a thesis or dissertation.

Candidate schools and their doctoral programmes have to apply by completing the EDAMBA application questionnaire, see below.

EDAMBA organizes appraisal visits to all candidate members. The candidate members cover all associated costs related to these visits.

New Members have to adhere to the EDAMBA Statutes of rights and responsibilities.

3. How the application process unfolds?

A Doctoral Programme applying for membership follows the six steps below.

Step 1: Download and fill in the application for EDAMBA Membership (see Application Form below)

Step 2:: Get two reference letters supporting your application for membership from two member schools represented in the EDAMBA Executive Committee (if you need help and advise with this step, please feel free to contact informally the EDAMBA Secretary General, Agnes Zsoka email:

Step 3: Send your application form and reference letters to the EDAMBA General Secretariat in Brussels before the end of January (c/o Mrs Nina K. Payen, EDAMBA Executive Secretary, email: ).

Step 4: All applications are discussed at the following Executive Committee Meeting that takes place in February. If the candidate fulfils the membership criteria and gets a positive assessment the candidate will be asked to host an appraisal visit of its doctoral programme carried out by a peer review team before the next Annual Meeting. The candidate will also be invited to give a short presentation of its doctoral programme at the next Annual Meeting.

Step 5: Based on the four steps above the Executive Committee makes recommendations for new memberships in the annual General Assembly. The General Assembly decides about admission of new members in the Association.

Step 6: The new EDAMBA member nominates a representative faculty member.

4. Are there any obligations after admitted in the Association?

Each and every EDAMBA member agrees to:

  • adhere to the Statutes of the Association
  • pay the annual membership fee (750 EURO (VAT Excluded))
  • cooperate actively in the Association and its activities
  • vote electronically before the General Assembly.

5. What are the benefits from membership?

  • Participation / Voting power at the EDAMBA Annual Meeting and General Assembly
  • Representation on the EDAMBA Executive Committee by elected members nominated each year before the General Assembly
  • Access to information through our informal network, publications and events, including two ‘newly founded’ Internet discussion lists for bringing together all Programme directors and students facilitating electronic communication throughout Europe and beyond
  • Participation of doctoral students in annual EDAMBA summer academies and for graduates in annual EDAMBA thesis competition
  • Participation in all EDAMBA seminars and workshops

Thereby, EDAMBA helps the participating schools to increase the quality of their Doctoral Programmes and to create an environment of excellence in the European perspective while pursuing diversity. The aim here is to have this network grown as widely as possible, while maintaining quality through peer review and integrity of a broad range of doctoral programmes.

Download Application Form in Microsoft Word or PDF


EDAMBA aims to achieve its mission through the development and implementation of three activity pillars:

  • 1. The Annual Meeting
  • 2. The Summer Research Academy
  • 3. The EDAMBA-EIASM Consortium of Doctoral Supervision

EDAMBA engages in global collaborations across networks
  • 1. European Code of Practice
  • 2. EQUAL
  • 3. AACSB