Difference Between a Thesis and a Dissertation?
Mar 10, 2021

Are you considering graduate school? You most certainly may have heard that an overall comprehensive paper is a prerequisite to graduate, and you may wonder what precisely the difference between a thesis and a dissertation is. Well, there is a clear difference between the two terms, even though, at times, it is used interchangeably, and it often confuses most individuals. Thesis and dissertation papers are quite similar in structure, as it comprises an introduction, a literary review, body, conclusion, bibliography, and appendix- and that is the end of similarities.

EDAMBA organizes a doctoral thesis competition with an aim to distinguish high-quality doctoral dissertations that have notably contributed to new knowledge in the areas of business studies and management. Based on the review by a blind peer review panel coordinated by the EDAMBA Secretary General top 10 candidates are finalized. The top 3 Winners are given the prize amount and also an invite to present their papers at EDAMBAs Annual and General Meeting

Let us look further into the definition of each and the qualities that make it different from the others:


Thesis - A thesis is an erudite piece of writing, specifically for individuals graduating from a master's program. A thesis facilitates students to highlight their gained knowledge and proficiency within the subject matter.

Dissertation- When you enter a doctoral program to acquire a PhD, you will get familiar with a great deal about how to direct your examination. After your degree program, you will require to deliver an exposition. A dissertation is a protracted piece of composed work that includes a unique exploration or extended research for a new or existing subject.


Every piece of writing is a chance for students to exhibit their capacity to think fundamentally, express their suppositions in writing, and present their discoveries before their respective chosen departments. Graduate degrees indeed consume time, energy, and it is also reasonably required hard work till the time of completion.

There is a great deal of time management regarding writing such extensive, enlightening, and informative pieces. The motive behind a thesis and a dissertation is that it is well-composed and researched evidence that you, as a student, comprehend and have mastered the subject of your degree.


It is pointless to say there is no difference between a thesis and a dissertation. Following are some pointers with all differences between these papers:

1. It is a source for other degreesWith doctorate dissertations & thesis, students can get various degrees. Generally, all students must make a thesis to get a master's degree and write a dissertation to get a PhD degree.

2. Length – A thesis and dissertation, both of these documents require a different length of written information. Mainly a thesis should consist of at least 100 pages, whereas a dissertation is comparatively a longer document than a thesis.

3. Research Process If you have to work on a thesis, it is vital to conduct original research; on the other hand, you should use existing research to start with a dissertation.

4. LiteratureWhile working on a thesis, you will need to add a thesis analysis to the existing literature. In contrast, a dissertation is a part of a study of the current literature.

5. WorkWondering how much work and time would have to invest. Well, in a dissertation, you may need to do work that is more extensive to develop research in a particular area, while in than in a thesis, you need not go through a comprehensive work process.

6. Statement – A thesis and a dissertation have dissimilar statements. A thesis articulation expresses and highlights points to readers, and it also focuses on how you will demonstrate a contention in your examination/ study. At the same time, a dissertation requires a hypothesis, after which you need to characterize the results you anticipate from your composed work and describe your assumptions.

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